Spreading the WORM, #spreadingtheworm

We are launching our new project called “Spreading the Worm!“. This year we organised a number of Open Days. Chatting with our visitors I realised that people are often really interested in household scale, worm-based composting, called “vermiculture”. Also, I keep getting random requests for worms. Kitchen scrap, paper, cardboard, kitchen paper towels, leaves, old … More Spreading the WORM, #spreadingtheworm

Drinking insects and birds, the evolution of garden fountains

There are amazing water fountains in Juno Heights Garden. They are made of copper and previously worked mostly as aesthetical items in the garden. Each contains about 200 liters of water. These fountains, if left alone untreated, provide far too perfect habitats for mosquitoes to propagate, which causes a lot of headache and itching for … More Drinking insects and birds, the evolution of garden fountains

First steps: the soil

Historically, Juno Heights Garden was managed by “traditional” gardening techniques: Any green waste (cutbacks, fallen leaves, branches) was removed from the site in big plastic bags by the garbage collecting company. Soil was rotated at least once a year. In the Summer months it was exposed to the Sun. In the rainy season it was … More First steps: the soil

About permaculture

Permaculture is an amazing, energy efficient approach to sustainable living in harmony with Nature, we utterly rely and depend on. It is very simple and complex at the same time. Following permaculture principles one can be an artist of “giving by not loosing and receiving by not taking”, a wonderful dance between the “self” and … More About permaculture

First steps

Juno Heights is already a well established garden, with trees, shrubs, plants, human activities, irrigation systems, etc. in place, so we are in a very fortunate situation that we don’t have to start from scratch. There are big trees, and also chopped wood that already acts like an insect hotel for example. Moreover, chemicals, fertilizers … More First steps