Open days, trainings, courses, school visits at Juno Heights Garden

In October 2017, we start organising open days, trainings, courses, school visits, outings, taking place in the garden.

The aim of these events is to promote environmentally friendly, sustainable livelihood, inspired by permaculture principles.

This includes topics such as:

Environmental sustainability related

  • permaculture, material and energy cycles, ecosystems
  • organic gardening
  • ecosystem development at home
  • kitchen waste recycling, vermiculture
  • how to produce organic vegetables at home
  • how to protect and build soil, how to stop soil degradation/loss
  • insect, bee friendly gardening
  • how to increase biodiversity
  • redefining beauty: environmental friendly is beautiful

Social and economic sustainability related issues

  • community gardening
  • permaculture based community development
  • gift-economy
  • “giving by not losing, receiving by not taking” and what it may or may not mean in a community

Times and dates of such events are announced on the facebook page of the garden.

You are also welcome to join the closed facebook page of the garden, which aims to serve as a community learning environment: Friends of Permaculture at Juno Heights Garden, Malta 

Schools, classes, special interest groups are welcome to get in touch! We are more than happy to organise special events for classes/groups, where the content of the event can be self-tailored to the needs of the specific group (age, group-size, interest, duration, etc.). To get in touch, contact Kinga here.


Redefining beauty aka permaculture and nature

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