First year of conversion

vharvestIt has been a bit more than a year, that we started to convert JUNO Heights Garden into a more sustainable, more edible, permaculture garden. It is a beautiful and very organic process, so far. Our main focus was to regenerate soil life, improve soil quality, start introducing new, edible plants. We started mulching as heavily as we could, with all the green “waste” we could have access to. No green material was removed from the garden anymore, and we could even benefit from other gardens’ green “waste”, donated to us.

We also introduced three bath tubs (three Victorian Claw Foot Cast Iron bath tubs actually, recycled!), and turned them into vermiculture tanks plus we set up a pallet based compost frame system.

Later on, we could start planting some tasty, healthy, chemical free veggies for us, humans to enjoy (and share with eg. snails occasionally). As a result of the activities, more animals can be seen in the garden. Biodiversity is definitely increasing. Even after a short year, life is already boosted in the garden.

Our main problem was that this year was unusually dry, we hardly had any rain in Malta last Winter. But we have hope, that next Winter will be more wet, which could support our efforts, and speed up the garden conversion, as we still need to use too much water from external sources.

Instead of text, let the pictures tell the story. Click on this one or this link for more, and mind the comments by the pics.



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