First steps

IMG_2805Juno Heights is already a well established garden, with trees, shrubs, plants, human activities, irrigation systems, etc. in place, so we are in a very fortunate situation that we don’t have to start from scratch.

There are big trees, and also chopped wood that already acts like an insect hotel for example. Moreover, chemicals, fertilizers and insecticides have not been used in the garden for many years now. (Except for the garden fountains, but now we transformed them into drinking places for them.)

So when we start the transition, we already have lot’s of resources and structures to build on.

As you can see in the picture above, the soil needs improvement in terms of fertility and richness. It is also uncovered in large areas which contribute to the loss of water and low soil life.

One of our first steps is to start rebuilding the soil and soil life with:

  • Installing vermiculture tanks.
  • Starting composting areas.
  • Starting to use green waste, generated on site and in the neighborhood, and use it for mulching.
  • Improving the soil and bring soil life back.

Since the project has just been started, in the middle of the Summer we have time to do this development and prepare the area for the growing season, when can start planting edible plants as well.

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